Love and Pain: An Eternal Game

Love and pain, an eternal game
Weaving together in an intricate braid
Like a stormy sky casting shadows on the sea
The two feelings persistently intertwine.

Sometimes love can be like fire, burning so brightly and intensely
But then it can also leave behind ashes of hurt that linger long after it’s gone.
Pain, too, is a flame, a cold one that freezes the heart with its chill
Making us question why we ever trusted our fragile emotions to begin with.

Both these destroyers of joy are not far apart from each other
Though they lead us down paths of different hues and tones.
Each is tearing away at shreds of our security, yet the other is never far away.
Whenever one leaves, the other remains forever more.

Love and pain are a requirement of life that we can’t escape
So we must accept them into our hearts, even if it brings us tears and sorrow.
When they come together in perfect harmony, we may find new strength and courage to live on.

Though love and pain may be as one, they don’t have to be adversaries
They could instead become allies in this world of joy and suffering.
For without either of them, our lives would be incomplete. So embrace both with open arms and let them flow through you like an eternal river.

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