The Loneliness of Sadness: A Poem About the Unending Emptiness of the Human Heart

Sadness creeps in,

A deep sorrow that never ends.

The darkness wrapping around me like a blanket,

My heart full of pain and dread.

No matter how hard I try to push it away,

It returns again and again so that I can’t escape.

The tears fall silently down my face,

As I feel the sadness take control of me.

My soul is filled with despair and emptiness,

A void that cannot be filled.

No matter what I do to try and fight it,

It doesn’t seem to go away.

The darkness looms and lingers within my heart,

Forever reminding me of its presence.

I can only sit back and watch in agony,

As the sadness slowly consumes me.

No light can reach me here,

And I’m left here alone in the dark.

The sorrow creeps through my veins like a poison,

Taking away all the joy that was once there.

I wish I could find a way to make it go away,

But for now, I must live with this pain.

My heart is heavy and broken,

With no hope of ever being repaired.

No one will ever understand how much this hurts me,

And so I must face it on my own.

Each day brings a new sadness to bear,

An ever-present darkness that never fades away.

My tears are always close at hand, ready to fall.

The sadness is a part of me and I can’t escape it.

But I will live with it, day after day,

Until the darkness fades away.

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