The Pain of Unrequited Love

Unrequited love, it’s an emotion that won’t diminish
It lingers in the heart like a heavyweight
It can bring joy, but it can also bring pain
The feelings remain and will never wane.

To love someone who doesn’t feel the same
Is a difficult thing to overcome or tame
No matter how hard you try to let go
The longing in your soul still grows and grows.

Your mind is filled with thoughts of them each day
Their image haunts every breath you take away
You wish they would return your affections; so true
But all that awaits is an unending despair for you.

Love should be mutual and free of despair.
But it’s not always so, and that can be quite a scare
It’s hard to move on when nothing is amiss
But with time, you’ll learn that life goes on with a sweet kiss.

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