The Unending Search for Hope

Sadness fills my heart,

A sorrow unbeknownst;

The pain of a broken soul,

That no one has ever known.

My tears keep flowing on and on,

Flowing endlessly like a river;

For what reason I do not know,

Perhaps something I can’t deliver.

The darkness seems to never end,

Stuck in a state of despair;

Searching for a single ray of hope,

But all I find is empty air.

No one here to understand me,

I’m lost beyond belief;

Lost beneath the sadness inside me,

In a place far beyond relief.

My future is so unclear,

Hidden in an eternal fog;

A single ray of sunshine,

Is something I long for with all my heart and soul.

But even if I find it again,

Will it be enough to take away this pain?

Only time will tell,

Until then I remain in darkness, until the day I am free again.

Now I stand here in my despair,

A lonely soul with no one to care;

Searching for a way out of this sadness,

But only I can find the answer that will set me free.

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