Unwanted Love: A Strange and Bitter Thing

Unwanted love is a strange and bitter thing,
A harsh reminder of the joy that it can bring.
Thoughts of happiness, of promised bliss,
Soon replaced with pain, as unwanted love I miss.

The touch, the smile, the glance – so sweet;
But all too soon, a distant memory to retreat.
My heart longs for what was lost from me,
As I succumb to loneliness, this blue sea.

Time moves on, but my feelings stay the same –
It’s hard to forget those feelings of unrequited flame.
To move forward and never look back in time;
But still, my soul yearns for what has been denied.

The pain of unwanted love can seem so cruel,
But still, it can bring moments of beauty in the midst of its dual.
To remember why I once loved and why I’ll always mourn;
Unwanted love has taught me that heartache comes with life being born.

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